Religious Education

Religious Education

RE: aims and objectives

 At Sawston Village College the RE department provides students with a range of opportunities including:

  • exploring how to relate to themselves and others
  • developing the skills to engage with challenging concepts
  • investigating different belief systems to support a grounded understanding of the world they live in
  • building on natural curiosity and ability with a focus on ASPIRE

The department uses many different activities and resources to support all students in accessing the Learning Objectives. Different learning styles are supported through the use of drama, creative work, independent research, use of the Interactive Whiteboard, use of ICT, group work, pair work, class discussion, personal reflection, images, media and many others.

KS3 Curriculum in mixed ability classes:

In Year 7 students investigate a challenging variety of questions and themes, in a variety of creative ways. Students consider philosophical thinking in the form of ‘can we prove the existence of God?’ and research the key features of major world faiths as a team to design and deliver a mini-lesson. Students take a leap into learning about Buddhist beliefs and worship and use their understanding to create an original and symbolic board game. Students also explore the concept of rites of passage through Judaism.

In Year 8 students explore how to interpret creation stories and consider ‘how was the universe made?’ Students conduct an exploration of belief and action in Islam leading to a project where they support a Muslim exchange student coming to SVC. Students are challenged to understand different responses to the question ‘are miracles evidence of God?’ and ultimately draw a comparison between Islam and Christianity in a team project

During Year 9 students continue to develop their extended writing skills as they focus on examining positive relationships leading to an analysis of Hindu and Christian wedding ceremonies. Students take a journey of self-reflection of personal beliefs and an investigation into those held by others through participating in the national Spirited Arts competition. Year 9 is also an opportunity to address how the media portrays religious beliefs, and the impact of the media.

GCSE RE Curriculum:

The RE department is very proud of the enthusiasm, dedication and achievement of the GCSE students. In the last 4 years students have achieved 100% A*-C (some of the highest attainment in the country). The hard work and positive attitudes of the students frequently results in their highest GCSE grades being in RE compared to other subjects. Students study 2 units over 2 years; they then sit 2 exams at the end of Year 11.

In Year 10 students study Edexcel Unit 2: Religion and Life based on a study of Christianity. The topics include: Believing in God, Matters of Life and Death, Marriage and Family Life, Religion and Community Cohesion.

In Year 11 students study Edexcel Unit 8: Religion and Society based on a study of Christianity and Islam. The topics include: Rights and Responsibilities, Environmental and Medical Issues, Peace and Conflict, Crime and Punishment.

The GCSE course is taught through a variety of methods and styles with a focus on maximising enjoyment, engagement, a team spirit and positive ethos which opens the door to high achievement and success.


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