Sawston’s history department believes passionately in passing on to pupils the essential body of knowledge of their country and the wider world to make them informed citizens.  The aim is to develop in pupils a lifelong love of history so they will be equipped to lead successful and enriched lives.  The historical knowledge that brings them into the conversation of the majority culture will ensure they become part of the national discourse and prepare them to make informed political, social and culture contributions to our world.

Our curriculum, chronologically taught, is designed to help pupils build the disciplinary understanding of how history works.  For instance, pupils are expected to consider the causes of important historical events, analyse changes over periods of time, draw substantiated conclusions from historical evidence, and study conflicting interpretations of the past.

We aim to pass on to Sawston’s pupils as much of “the best that has been thought and said” as we can.  This means our KS3 curriculum provides pupils with an extensive, chronological narrative of British history. This KS3 curriculum aims to build a foundation of knowledge essential for greater specialisation within our OCR Schools History Project GCSE.  Likewise, from Year 7 pupils will begin to learn the processes and skills of an historian vital for success at GCSE.

Please see Handbooks for Parents in the Parents section of the website for further details.


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