The Art Department believes that all pupils should be encouraged, motivated and inspired. Our aim is to create an environment where pupils have access to the arts through the development of their own work, that of peers and of other artists. During their time here at SVC we hope that pupils will explore and develop a range of skills allowing them to grow in confidence and truly see in an artistic sense what is around them.

At Key Stage 3 projects are devised to introduce pupils to a variety of artists whilst gaining experience working with a range of different materials in both 2D and 3D.

At GCSE projects are more individually tailored with pupils being given a choice of starting points and artists from which they will develop a project resulting in an original piece of artwork.

All our projects are designed to encourage pupils to work independently and develop their own creative voice within a supportive environment.

The Department is committed to offering opportunities to enrich the students’ art education. This includes trips to National and local Museums and Galleries to help support GCSE preparation work. Pupils are actively encouraged to produce work for local and national competitions.


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