ASPIRE 2, pupils’ latest and greatest film production, is now available for viewing! Please see below.

The ASPIRE principles were developed by staff and pupils to set out the core habits and behaviours that underpin successful, life long learners who would contribute purposefully to their local, national and international communities through economic well being and active citizenship.

I can do well at school I can set and achieve my targets I can demonstrate that I want to achieve success I can seek out additional resources and tasks I can complete all tasks with effort and determination I can learn from previous mistakes
I can push myself and not give in I can keep my concentration throughout the lesson I can behave appropriately to support my learning I can go beyond the minimum I can complete work on time and to the best of my ability I can find solutions when faced with challenges
I can make a positive contribution to my learning and my school I can be a good role model for my peers I can believe in my ability to succeed I can enjoy my learning I can celebrate success of others I can encourage others to succeed
I can take responsibility as a learner I can come to school equipped to learn I can act on feedback to achieve my targets I can solve problems for myself I can show initiative and take my learning further I can be punctual to lessons, ready to learn
I can think of others I can listen to the views of others I can take responsibility for my actions I can value diversity and difference I can support others in their learning and well being I can show pride in our school
I can participate in lessons and the College I can contribute positively in lessons I can listen actively in lessons I can show leadership I can be a good team member I can make the most of opportunities

The following films explain more.  The first film introduces the principles of ASPIRE.  The second shows what ASPIRE means to our pupils.  This film was conceived, written and scripted by pupils, working in partnership with a professional film maker.  Pupils then helped with the filming and production, resulting in an exceptional film of which pupils are rightly proud, showcasing their talents and the values of the school.  We are grateful to South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine Arts Society for supporting this project.





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