Subject Leaders/Teachers 2021-22




Art & Design



Mrs Helen Day Head of Art MH10
Ms Sue Faux   DH08
Miss Stephanie Ridge  Maternity leave DH08

Business Studies



Mrs Emma Neesam Head of Business Studies DH01

Computer Science



Mr Alan Phoenix Holland

Head of Computer Science and iMedia
Trust System Leader in Computing

Miss Thea Field   EH11

Design Technology



Mr Daniel Burgess Assistant Principal / Head of Faculty MH06
Mrs Mandy Minett Head of Health and Social Care DH07
Mr James Bannister Subject Leader of Product Design EH08
Mr Nick Dawson   DH01
Mrs Karen Ginger   EH11
Mrs Sunnyeo Shaw   DH07




Ms Jo Russ Head of Drama DH05
Mrs Heidi Meikle   MH02
Ms Vanessa Pesci Head of Dance  




Mrs Jessica Carman Head of Faculty EH07
Mrs Caroline Anderson Deputy Head of English MH09
Miss Celia Harriss Lead Practitioner in English / Professional Tutor EH12
Miss Lucy Berrisford   DH06
Miss Lucy Farrow   TH10
Mr Matt Gaw   MH03
Miss Megan Tuckwood   MH12
Mrs Anne-Marie Vincent   EH10




Miss Natalie Evans Head of Geography TH05
Mrs Jenny Custins   EH06
Ms Lucy Folan   EH06




Miss Sarah Jackson Head of History TH01
Miss Jessie Phillips History / RE EH10
Mr Jerry Reed Duke of Edinburgh's Award Co-ordinator TH12
Mr Pieter Wallace Deputy Principal / History DH05
Mr James Woodcock Assistant Principal / History TH04




Mrs Angéline Deleplanque Head of Languages TH06
Miss Amy Hobourn Deputy Head of Languages DH10
Mrs Muriel Dumas-Baker   DH10
Mrs Deborah Eills Maternity leave DH09
Miss Beatrice Fontana   DH09
Ms Alison McIntyre   MH08




Mrs Claire Shearn Head of Mathematics DH04
Miss Cathy Cook Deputy Head of Mathematics EH01
Mrs Erika Wagstaff Lead Practitioner TH08
Mr Daniel Burgess Assistant Principal / Mathematics MH06
Mrs Nicola Cooper    
Mrs Mahzabbin Hussain   TH08
Mr Colin Mannall   EH05
Mr Mark Slade   MH11
Dr Les Tunna   MH06




Miss Clare Irwin Head of Music  TH07
Mr Miles Cragg   TH04




Miss Joanna Harvey Head of PE EH02
Mrs Nicky Andersen Deputy Head of PE DH09
Mr James Bailey   TH03
Mr Alan Sutton Assistant Principal / PE EH02
Mr Fergus Walsh   MH01

RE and Ethics



Mrs Victoria Clover Head of RE and Ethics / ECT and New Staff Co-ordinator TH11
Mrs Eleanor Hall Maternity leave TH09
Miss Annabel Harvey   TH09
Miss Jessie Phillips RE / History EH10




Miss Samantha Armsby Head of Faculty MH04
Mrs Elizabeth Philpott Deputy Head of Science DH02
Mr Ray Barnett   EH03
Dr Deborah Davis   MH07
Ms Joy Friesner   DH11
Miss Jasmine Grogan   EH04
Mr Prakash Koria   DH11/DH12
Mrs Christine Lloyd   MH07
Miss Nicole Page   DH12
Miss Maddy Rhodes   DH03

Special Educational Needs

Mrs Natalie Morris SENDCO TH02
Mrs Amanda Page Deputy SENDCO MH01

Teaching Assistants

Mr Harry Bubb SEMH TH11/TH12
Mrs Agata D'Urso    
Ms Anita Evans English / EAL  TH03
Mrs Helen Evans    
Mrs Hazel Finch   MH10/MH11
Miss Katie Fowden   DH04
Mrs Jane Judges Foundation Learning KS4 & Lead SEMH HLTA  EH04
Mrs Eugenie Olivier Access Arrangements TH02
Mrs Amanda Orton Numeracy Support MH04
Mrs Gail Robinson   EH03
Mrs Clare Sullivan    
Mrs Eleanor Tolchard English TH06
Mr Joel West   TH07
Mrs Laura Wheeler HLTA - Literacy Co-ordinator MH02
Mrs Lisa Wright   DH02/DH03


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