Interpreting Reports

Interpreting Reports for Parents

On this page we will publish advice on how to interpret reports that you may receive from within the school, as well as other supporting materials and links.


Sawston Village College Report Grades

Grades for all pupils are based on the new 9-1 GCSE grades but using fine grades to indicate how secure the pupil is at each grade. Three extra grades have been added at the lower end (W-, W and W+) so that progress can be demonstrated for those pupils who are still ‘Working towards’ GCSE criteria. The progression grid below demonstrates how pupils may be expected to progress over time.



A Minimum Grade is set for each pupil. During years 7, 8 and 9 it is set for the end of the year.  Once pupils reach years 10 and 11 the Minimum Grade is for the end of the course. The Minimum Grade represents the progress your son/daughter should make if they were in the top 20% of schools.  It is a challenging benchmark based on national data. It is referred to as a Minimum Grade as this is the grade that we want pupils to meet or exceed by the end of the year or course. The Minimum Grade for the end of year or course should be compared to the Estimated Grade, which is input by subject teachers.  If a pupil’s Estimated Grade is equal to or above the Minimum Grade, then they are making good or excellent progress.

Art, Music and PE

No Minimum Grade is set in Year 7. Minimum grades in Year 8 and Year 9 are based on the pupils attainment in that subject the previous year.


As most pupils have not studied a language prior to joining SVC, Minimum Grades are set lower than other subjects to begin with and progress more rapidly than the grid above suggests.


The diagram below illustrates the relationship between old A*-G and new 9-1 GCSE Grades

Year 7 Assessment, Recording and Reporting Information Evening 2021

Format of reports at SVC

New GCSE Grades compared with old

Accessing go4schools and reports


Go4Schools is accessible by parents and pupils. Here you will find a range of data, including assessment grades, reports and pupil credit scores.

Online Learning and Information for Parents and Sawston Village College

Parents: Go4Schools parent accounts will be automatically created using the contact email address which you have given to the school. The password for the account can be received from the following link: Go4Schools. Enter your email address in the "First-time User?" box and then you will be emailed a password which you will reset on your first login. If you experience any issues accessing your account please email

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