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I am delighted to be the Head of da Vinci House and look forward over the coming year to work together as a community to establish and embed a clear ethos of life-long learning through achieving excellence, creating opportunity and unlocking potential.

We have a dynamic team of mentors and co-mentors to support pupils and a purposeful programme of activities during mentor time every day. Some of these are specific to individual year groups; for example, this term Year 7 pupils will be supported through the transition process with help from senior pupils, mentors and co-mentors; year 8 pupils will be reflecting on their progress in Year 7 and starting to consider what they hope to achieve this year both academically and personally; Year 9 pupils will be creating Individual Learning Plans in preparation for their Options Choices; Year 10 pupils will be preparing for their Work Experience, and Year 11 pupils will be working on their post 16 applications, and in particular their personal statements, supported by mentors and teachers to showcase their many skills and talents.

All pupils in da Vinci House will contribute to building the House identity. By contributing their ideas for fundraising activities, organising and participating in inter house competitions and supporting each other to succeed, pupils will develop valuable transferable skills and grow in confidence.

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are able to enjoy their school experience, feeling safe, valued, respected and happy at all times and supported to achieve their potential both academically and socially.

Miss L Hunt
Head of da Vinci House

01223 712777


Activities week form: https://goo.gl/forms/txuuT44TSEIE8AUu2

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