Turing House

Turing House

Welcome to Turing House. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to lead a house with the name of such a significant famous figure and, more importantly, a house with such a wonderful group of pupils and staff within it. Embracing the aims and values of Sawston Village College, I am certain that every pupil in Turing house has the ability to unlock their potential, achieve excellence and to create – and seize – opportunities. Like Alan Turing himself, it is my hope for Turing pupils to become fantastic problem solvers in all aspects of their school and personal lives, and to make positive contributions, be that within mentor groups, at a house and whole-school level, or in the wider community.

Through daily mentor group time every morning, pupils will have the opportunity to receive high levels of support, build positive relationships with other pupils and staff, and engage in a variety of activities and opportunities. Some activities will encompass the vertical system enabling cross-year group work to take place; whereas others will be year-specific, based on pupils’ needs at various points throughout their school career. These include: support for Year 7s around their transition to secondary school; the opportunity for Year 8s to reflect on their time in Year 7 and consider their hopes for the coming year both academically and personally; time for Year 9s to work on their ILPs (Individual Learning Plans) in preparation for their Options Choices; Year 10s will be preparing for their Work Experience placements, and for Year 11s a chance to focus on their post-16 applications. As ever, there will be many more exciting opportunities for all pupils to participate in both within school and through extra-curricular activities.

When in school it is important for all pupils to feel safe, happy, respected and ready to learn; as a “Turing Team” we will endeavour to achieve this for all within our house and in the wider school. 

Miss M Gregg
Head of Turing House

01223 712777


Activities week form: https://goo.gl/forms/64j8WUNhTZhmRXZZ2

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