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Our online payment system from Wisepay can be used to pay for cashless catering / lunches, school trips, events and purchasing of tickets etc.

Account holders have a secure online account, with a unique user ID and password and all pupils are automatically assigned to a WisePay account. You do not have to be signed up to the biometrics system to take advantage of this payment facility.

Making a payment is easy and simple and WisePay holds an electronic record of your payments to view at a later date, so you can review trip payments and your child’s meal account at any time. No card details need be stored in any part of the system. 

Wisepay app organisation code
You will need to enter the following organisation code to set up the wisepay app :


Click on the Google Play or App Store button below to install the App :


To access the WisePay webservice please click the WisePay logo above or click here.

If you need to change your account password you need to login into WisePay with your school provided email address.

If you need help please access Frequently asked Questions here.


Wisepay - Update for Parents - 15th October 2020 


Dear Parent/Carer,

I trust that you and your family are all keeping well and safe.

With the current Government guidance stating that we must all remain at home it is inevitable that your child's online activity will increase to maintain contact with friends and family. Monitoring how long your child should be online and what it is they are accessing can be very challenging. Attached is a list of links that offer support and guidance for parents to help address some of those challenges and to share with your children 

There are also some links to helpful resources for parents of children on the autistic spectrum. These resources offer a range of practical advice on daily structure and wellbeing.

Finally I have added some links to bereavement support for children and adults during the pandemic. I sincerely hope that they will not be required. These sites give advice on how to support one another whilst in lockdown as well as offering online and telephone support to individuals.

Kind regards and stay safe

Ms Abbs 


Dear all,

I trust you and your families are remaining well and safe.

Some of this information has been issued to you before so apologies if you have seen it already. However, with the Easter break coming up I felt it timely to resend and leave on the website for easier reference.

Please do continue to follow Government's guidelines regarding hand washing and social distancing, such simple measures can make a difference.

Take care 

Ms Abbs 

Dear Parents and caregivers,
With Christmas only days away I thought I would share some useful links to help you support and keep your children safe on-line over the festive season.
Merry Christmas 
Ms Abbs 
Age appropriateness;
Internet Matters has advice that is pertinent for children 0-5, 6-10, 11-13 and 14+  
Social Media;

Again another useful guide on Internet Matters, they have a really useful hub for parents which explains the risks and benefits, along with some resources that parents can use  

Gaming is likely to be high on the agenda for many children this holiday period. CEOP have a nice, simple guide for parents


E-safety CEOP information

Dear Parent/carers 
In the ever changing and fast paced world of on-line activity that our young people have access to it is challenging at times to make sense of it all. CEOP and the Thinkyouknow websites have numerous resources and a breadth of useful information, one such link we have shared below. If you do have any concerns around live-streaming or any other on-line activities that are not appropraite then please do speak with your child and report to the on-line provider or CEOP as necessary. 
Ms Abbs

APP Alerts


App Alert: Snapmaps

Dear Parent/Carer

We are aware that Snapchat, a social media app, has recently been updated with a new feature ‘Snapmaps’.

Snapmaps allows Snapchat users to view each other’s locations. Clearly this can have safety implications if the location of children is publically visible.

If your child uses Snapchat, we would strongly advise that you put the app in ‘ghost mode’ which means that their location will not be shared. To do this click the settings ‘cog’ within Snapchat then click on ‘see my location’.

Childnet have published a useful article with more information:


App Alert: Yellow

Please be aware that new app that has surfaced called “Yellow”. It interacts with Snapchat and is like Tinder for Snapchat, with no age restrictions. The NSPCC are worried about it as it opens the doors to a lot of predatory behaviours due to the amount of children that use Snapchat. Here is an article from the Telegraph about it :


App Alert: Gacha Life

I would like to thank parents for their vigilance around the app and Youtube channel; Gacha life. Parents have shared concerns that on the surface it looks like an innocent game for young children to play however, there are references to 'sadism' and the YouTube channel contains scenes of inapproriate sexualised behaviours, bullying and suicide. It can be difficult to put filters on this as is deemed a childs app/game but I would urge that you monitor usage of your child's engagement with both the app and Youtube site.
Ms Abbs 



Welcome to the Parents area of the College website. Please use the links down the left hand side to find information to support your partnership with the school. The website remains in development and we would welcome any comments or suggestions about other information you would like to see included that will support parents in working with the College.

If you are a current parent, please direct queries about your child’s learning, well-being and wider school participation to your child’s Head of House in the first instance. Their details can be found via Houses and then clicking on your child’s house name on the left. This helps to ensure that Heads of House are fully informed about all matters relating to your child. They can then either gather information from relevant colleagues or put you in touch directly with other members of staff as appropriate.

For specific data on your child's attendance, progress, credits and other matters, please use Go4Schools, accessible via Online Services for Parents.

Ofsted operates a facility called ParentView for parents to share their views on the provision offered by schools. We would encourage you, please, to take a moment to register on the site and provide your comments about the College.


Sawston Village College Safeguarding Statement for Parents

The College is committed to safeguarding young people.  It achieves this through high quality pastoral care; a PSHE programme that provides appropriate guidance on being safe as a young adult; signposting to agencies and adults who can provide support; being vigilant for signs that a young person may be experiencing difficulties that may require further help and support.

There are occasions when either the Designated Personnel for Child Protection, Senior Leadership Team or the Head of House may be required to discuss concerns with parents that may be related to safeguarding and child protection.  The College has a legal requirement to ensure the safety of all its pupils and communication between the College and parents is a key part of this process.


Spice Warning

Dear Parents/carers

Last week there were several reported incidents of students across the county ‘collapsing’ and requiring medical attention after using a vape which is now confirmed to have contained a very strong form of SCAR (Synthetic Cannabis – Spice).

This is a synthetically produced drug which can be 100-200 times the strength of normal cannabis.

The attached document, produced by DC Harv Nutton, (Cambridgeshire Constabulary Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer), seeks to explain the concern, raise awareness and provide information to support staff and parents. 

Any students experiencing any concerning symptoms must be referred for immediate medical attention.  We strongly request that any consumed or inhaled substances (ie vapes or liquid containers) are seized for further analysis and investigation.

In addition to this, if you require any further advice or information , please visit the links below; (Fenland, Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire based service) (Peterborough based service – this link is to the adult service as the Young peoples service website is being updated.  Information and support can still be offered via this link in the interim)

SPICE info

Cambridgeshire Constabulary Children and Young Person Team



As a college we are committed to working with parents and pupils to ensure that young people are using the internet and social media safely. Recent information would suggest that our young people can be exposed to certain graphic and inappropriate images some of these are of a sexual nature. In a 2016 survey carried out by the NSPCC the below results were found:

· The majority of 11-12 year olds (72%) had not seen online pornography
· Nearly two thirds (65%) of 15-16 Year olds had seen online pornography
· Children were as likely to stumble across pornography (28%) as they were to search for it deliberately
· Pornographic material had been received by a quarter (26%) of young people.

We will be covering such topics and the importance of E-safety through our PSHE days that run throughout the year, in addition we hope to host an information evening for parents in the new year. Our advice to parents is to monitor their children's online activity, ensure that the correct privacy settings are in place and encourage young people to inform a trusted adult if they come across anything inappropriate and report to the online provider immediately.

ONLINE information updates

CCE Advice for parents

Parent and Carer toolkit









mental health drop ins information 



SEND information and Local Offer









Wellbeing survey 2019



















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