Contact details

Contact details

Mr Jonathan Russell

Chair of Governors:
Mrs Polly Stanton
Information about the Local Governing Body can be found here

Mrs Natalie Morris
Information about the Special Educational Need and/or Disability (SEND) provision at Sawston Village College can be found here

New Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3BP

01223 712777 (Reception)
01223 712818 (Principal's PA)
01223 712623 (Attendance Office)

01223 712754

Email: (pupil absence)


If you are a current parent, please direct queries about your child’s learning, well-being and wider school participation to your child’s Mentor or Co-Mentor in the first instance.  

You may also wish to contact your son or daughter's Year Lead.  this helps to ensure that the Year Lead is fully informed about all matters relating to your child.  They can then either gather information from relevant colleagues or put you in touch directly with other members of staff as appropriate.

Year 7: Mr A Sutton, 

Year 8: Miss L Hunt,

Year 9: Mrs C Wombwell,  

Year 10: Mr J Stuart,  

Year 11: Mrs J Fink ,


Requests for copies:

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