Strategic Development

Strategic Development

The College is currently mid-way through a two year development plan, which is summarised below.

Mission Statement 

Our core mission is to unlock the potential of every learner, create opportunity for all and achieve excellence in all aspects of our work.

Vision for 2015-17

Working towards the mission statement, by 2017, the College will have:

  • Raised the achievement of all pupils and have significantly decreased the performance gap for disadvantaged, lower ability and SEN pupils;
  • Consistently excellent teaching;
  • Pupils who demonstrate personal responsibility, creativity and resilience;
  • Built strong and sustainable partnerships which increase capacity and opportunity;
  • A dynamic and powerful College identity which also improves recruitment and retention.

Strategic Objectives

Raising Achievement

  • To focus on closing the gaps in performance for the least able, pupil premium and SEN groups so that all pupils make excellent progress from their starting points

Excellence in Teaching

  • To increase the proportion of excellent teaching across the College leading to improved exam results, inspiring opportunities for learning and greater pupil autonomy in the classroom
  • To establish an assessment system that supports high expectations, outstanding pupil progress, effective transition and partnership with parents
  • To build a curriculum in KS3 and KS4 which is appropriately challenging and supports progression

Enhancing Pupil Independence

  • To develop the personal responsibility, independence and resilience in pupils to enable them to succeed in their learning
  • To improve the quality of mentoring and guidance received by pupils to improve personal and academic achievement
  • To challenge assumptions and viewpoints to support life in modern Britain and prevent radicalisation
  • To focus on improving wellbeing to enable higher achievement

Building sustainable partnerships

  • To build strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with other schools and business in order to improve transition, create capacity and enhance resources
  • To enhance the quality of governance to respond to the local and national education agenda

Increasing Retention, Recruitment and Capacity

  • To improve the visibility and identity of Sawston Village College to attract new learners, aid recruitment of high quality staff and build a national profile

Creating Rich Opportunities

  • To enable all pupils to participate in and create art, achieving accreditation, building confidence and a love of the arts
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